Witch hazel

Have you used witch hazel? No? Then this if for you.

Witch hazel is a flowering plant with yellow flowers.

Witch hazel is used in spritz and liquids that you can apply onto yourself or others.

Spritzes are one thing that witch hazel is commonly used for. You can use distilled water(see lovingessentialoils.com* for more info). Making a spritz is simple. First, you add your essential oils. Then you fill the rest with witch hazel or distilled water(or filtered water) and alcohol.

You can put 1/4 witch hazel with vitamin E oil and some essential oils and make it into healing or some sort of balm. Also, you could add a carrier oil or some rose water with rose essential oil. Below are some recipes.

Healing balm

5 drops tea tree

1/4 witch hazel

2 drops/1 squirt vitamin E oil


Jasmine and rose spritz

Add rose essential oil into a glass bottle or into a measuring cup.

Add jasmine essential oil into that same glass bottle or into a different or the measuring cup you used for the rose.

Then add rose water(NOT to be confused with rose absolute or rose essential oil) into the measuring cup or your spray bottle(if you have 2 measuring cups, add it with the rose). Don't add too much, because when you add it with witch hazel, some effects MIGHT appear and it may not smell directly like the scent of rose water because witch hazel sometimes has a light scent.

Add witch hazel directly into the bottle or into the measuring cup(don't use a different

measuring cup. Add it into the jasmine if you have 2 measuring cups.)

Taken by Laura Ockel | Unsplash

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