How to make orange, geranium, and lavender bar soap

Have you tried this recipe? No? Cause it's fun!



Soap base

Geranium essential oil

Orange essential oil

Lavender essential oil

Mica (optional)

Alcohol spray (optional)


First, get out a type of soap base, preferably goat's milk or honey*. Cut off 1 pound.

Next, cut the soap base into small cubes. Put them in a pot over a stove.

Then, when it's melted, add essential oils orange, geranium, and lavender(there should be 50-55 drops total.) There should be more orange and geranium than lavender. Take note that the oils may not smell the same because the pan is very heated.

(optional) Next, add desired amount of mica.

**Last, pour in the mould and leave for 2-3 hours. It is also best if you do this in the evening, because it can set overnight.

*If you are adding mica, then crystal soap base is fine.

** Spray alcohol on top to take away bubbles.

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