What Does Aromatherapy Do To Help Planet Earth?

Updated: May 7, 2021

People say that natural is good for us and the environment. But what do they mean? Are there rules or circumstances?

There are cons and pros. First we will discuss those, then move onto ways do remove the cons.


-Aromatherapy helps people and there are no preservatives or chemicals

-Makes nice gifts

-Makes us need to remove factories and create fields

-Smells nice and is very healing


-It takes time and lots of material to grow plants to produce oils

-It is quite expensive

-You cannot buy very locally

-It uses a lot of space

How we can stop some cons:

  1. It is quite expensive. In AromaK, things are not too expensive. We try to help our customers however we can.

  2. It takes lots of time and material. This is the main problem for aromatherapy. It also uses space. Farming uses lots of space that we need to use deforestation, which is killing animals. But if the world decides to use natural products, we can tear down factories and make spaces that are good for plants to grow. We could produce in any place with a large amount of free space.

  3. You cannot buy locally. We have no answer to this one. Sorry if this is the one that bothers you most.

  4. It uses space. We already discussed this with materials and time.

So, is aromatherapy bad or good? Do you have any opinions? If you have strong feelings or opinions on this, please contact us through the chat or with the contact me form on our homepage.

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