Coconut oil and shea butter lipbalm

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Lip balm is nice to have. You may use lip gloss or lipstick!

The basic recipe for lip balm is very simple.

You basically need coconut oil, beeswax (there are other options if you can't use beeswax.) Essential oils, and other things like lipstick or vitamin E oil, can be added if you want to. You may want to add carrier oils or something else.

This recipe makes two and a half containers.




Essential oils of choice


Lip balm containers

Vitamin E oil(optional)

Coconut oil

Shea butter


First, combine the main ingredients, which are beeswax, shea butter, and coconut oil(this is not the only way to make natural lip balm). Put the mix over a stove or in a microwave(in a microwave, check and stir often, like 10 seconds) and mix with a spoon or fork.

Second, add drops of essential oil you want(maybe you should make it match with the colour of the balm). Cut a small piece of lipstick and put in mix if desired(if you want a healing balm, don't add lipstick). Keep mixing until the lipstick has dissolved. Then add vitamin E oil.

Third, pour into some small containers. Wait overnight or for 3-4 hours to set. The smell will only come out the day after.

This lip balm may not smell how you want, but beware of that. Add essential oils with good healing properties!

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