5 Natural Gift Packaging Ideas

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

These were gifts I gave to my family.

Wrap one:

Felt box. You can easily make a box out of felt! Use this as pretty packaging!

Wrap two:

Origami box. You can make so many things with origami, but did you know you can make an origami box? It is easy!

Wrap three:

Macrame cords. Macrame is nice for gifts. Tying knots and making them into something special, like a Chinese lucky knot, or a bracelet. This is a very old kind of art.

Wrap four:

Paper and aroma. Pour drops of an essential oil on cotton balls or pads and put them in a bag. Then get a piece of paper and put it in the bag. Leave for 1 day. When taken out, the paper smells really nice!

Wrap five:

Paper bags. Paper bags are a good way of giving natural things. Try to use brown paper, the one used to make types of lunch bags. Try doing some decorating, and it will look really nice!

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