Lotion bars - What are they?

Lotion bars are basically solid lotion. They can serve many purposes, like moisturizing and smoothing skin.

You can add micas, natural colourants, salts, petals, and so much more.

This is the basic formula to make a batch of 4 large ones to 6 smaller ones.

6.4 oz sweet almond oil(this can be any carrier oil)

4.8 oz butter(shea butter, cocoa butter, or possibly a mixture of both)

4.8 oz beeswax


*Mix with 99% rubbing alcohol(isopropyl alcohol) before use.

Essential oil blends that are good:

  • Sandalwood and Vanilla

  • Rose and Jasmine

Try one of those, then come up with your own!

I hope you enjoy your lotion bars!

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