Layered soap

Updated: Jan 9

Normal one colour melt and pour soap is quite easy to make. If you are tired of one colour soap and marble-ish soap with two colours poured in at the same time, you can make layered soap, with different colours.

The recipe for the soap is the same as normal.

Pour some soap in one mould, then let it cool. After you let it cool, spray it with 99% isopropyl alcohol(rubbing alcohol). Then pour the next layer of soap. If you want two layers, stop here and let it cool, after you put another layer of isopropyl alcohol. If you want more layers of soap, continue this process, then put isopropyl alcohol on top so bubbles don't form.

Then you have layered soap!

I learned the hard way that you have to put the layers of alcohol in between the layers of soap, otherwise when you use it, the layers can separate. Lucky the soap was in a sisal bag!

Here is a picture of layered soap I made.

I used different colour micas in the colour palette of pink, purple, and blue.

You also need more time than for normal one colour melt and pour soap. You can also pour less or more soap in different layers, like in the photos, to make different layer sizes.

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