Essential Oils vs Fragrance Oils

I have fragrance oils and essential oils in my collection of oils. What makes fragrance oils and essential oils different?

  1. Fragrance oils have a stronger smell/aroma, but have no useful properties that we can use to our benefit. Essential oils, however, do have very useful properties, like calming, cleaning, and much more.

  2. From "A fragrance oil is a synthetic, man-made product.It is a chemical combination created in a lab. While occasionally a fragrance oil may include an essential oil in the chemical make up, they are still not all natural products, they are considered synthetic. Essential oils come from nature. They can only be extracted from plants and plant parts that contain essential oils. These natural oils are usually obtained from the plant through steam distillation or by cold-pressing.

  3. Since fragrance oils are synthetic, they are less expensive than essential oils, which is connected to how it takes so much plant to make essential oil.

If you are trying to be all natural, it is probably best to not buy fragrance oils, because they are synthetic made in a lab.

This information comes from I would recommend to read some of the blog posts there.

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