When I was six years old, I visited Melbourne and New Zealand on a family holiday. During this trip I discovered a 'Chakra' shop selling many healing gems.  However, being six there was no way I could 'buy' the store.   I then saw a shelf with books on it (I love reading). One book was called "The Crystal Bible" and I lucky for me my parents let me purchase it. So I came back home with a book instead.

In the same year I visited to Taiwan and went to a beautiful Lavender Farm near TaiChung.  I ate lavender ice cream, tried natural products and rode on a most beautiful carousel.  This experience opened my eyes to the power of essential oils for health, beauty and safe environments. 

In 2020 my family got our first diffuser and from there my passion for essential oils and natural products grew and grew.  I received "The complete book of essential oils and aromatherapy" as a gift from my dad and I started to purchase more and more essential oils to experiment with at home. 


In 2020 my love for essential oils was paired with my very own computer and an account on canva.  I found a beautiful webpage called, an aromatherapy website. Ever since then, I continue to make and create using essential oils.   


Our Goals

Choose Natural to Help Climate Change

Climate change is something that everyone is experienced with. We are not natural anymore. Luckily, aromatherapy is natural! Help save the world. Take action now!

Avoid Unnecessary Pollution

Pollution is connected to climate change. We are hurting the environment by using and buying plastic toys and cups.

Try to buy natural things instead. This will help development.

Be Happy 

Joy and love is essential. Be fun and flexible. Alway welcome everyone! 


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